ULTIMATE Motor M4R Tuned Keramik Kombo "NEU"

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ULTIMATE Motor M4R Tuned Keramik Kombo "NEU"

ULTIMATE Motor M4R Tuned Keramik Kombo "NEU"

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This is the Ultimate Engine M-4RZC Tuned Combo. This is the Ultimate .21 off-road Ultimate M-4RZ Tuned Engine which has been designed and developed by the Modelix team. The M-4RZ is a 4 port engine with tuned crankshaft and represents the most powerful and speedy 1/8 off-road engine of the Ultimate Engines line, with great and linear power at both low and high R.P.M. It boasts the most advanced technology and a top level human capital that team up to further improve fuel mileage, overall performance and reliability. 
The M-4RZ has all what an engine needs to compete against other market leading engines, but at an affordable and very competitive price for a top quality race engine.
The combo includes:
Engine- M-4RZ Tuned Engine
3 venturies: 6.5mm, 7.0mm & 7.5mm
Exhaust system-Ultimate EFRA 2123 pipe+manifold w/masterfix system
Clutch – Ultimate Racing Compak clutch system with aluminium shoes and 1 mm springs UR620-XA
Clutch Bell – UR 13T ventilated clutch bell with UR bearing
Air filter – Ultimate Racing air filter case pre-oiled foam
Displacement: 3,49 cc
R.P.M. (max power): 34.500
Practical Range:  7.000-36.500
Bore x Stroke: 16,42x16,42
Sleeve: 4 ports
Rear Ball Bearing: ceramic
Front Ball Bearing: ceramic
Crankshaft: 13 mm - turbo - tuned
Carburetor: plastic - 9 mm - reverse
Glowplug: Turbo (C6TGC)
Exhaust Position: rear
Weight:  350g
Fuel type: 25% nitro. Recommended fuel Nitrolux.


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